Memories Created in Vermont

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Memories Created in Vermont


Through the years there have been lots of memories created at our homes in Vermont.  The best of those usually revolve around the great outdoors.  Whether it was playing in the pond, fishing in a local brook, boating, skiing or simply soaking up the Vermont sun. There is something that is fundamentally different when it comes to the Vermont outdoors. The air hits your lungs just a little different, the water feels a bit crisper and cleaner, the sun warms the skin, but the breeze whisks away the heat. All of these things evoke a feeling of peace and tranquility, that brings people here for life, for a visit or for the vacation and the opportunity to create memories as a family. That's not to say chaos doesn't ensue when you add kids, family, friends and neighbors to the mix, but the fundamental peace and tranquility, is something that is everlasting and allows people to always come "home" to Vermont. We at Vermont Outfitters Co. built this brand and what we believe will become a community, to bring recognition to this amazing state, its people and the artisans that live and work here. We thank you for joining us! We hope we do the people of Vermont and the state as a whole proud as we embark on this journey together. Please keep in touch, we love hearing from our customers and remember, #itsbetterupnorth and #staywild.  


Chris Allen and Mindy Parisi


Vermont Outfitters Co.