Memories Created in Vermont

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Memories Created in Vermont


Reflecting on the years spent in our Vermont homes, we've cherished countless memories, many of which center around the breathtaking outdoors. Whether it's splashing in the pond, casting lines in local brooks, cruising on boats, shredding slopes, or simply basking in the warm Vermont sun, there's a unique essence to outdoor experiences in Vermont.

The air feels crisper, the water purer, and the sun's warmth more comforting, all while a gentle breeze carries away any hint of heat. These sensations evoke a profound sense of peace and tranquility that draws people to Vermont, whether for life, a visit, or a vacation, to create cherished family memories.

Of course, adding kids, family, friends, and neighbors to the mix may stir up some chaos, but amidst it all, that enduring peace and tranquility remain, making Vermont a place to always call "home."

At Vermont Outfitters Co., we've cultivated this brand and envisioned it as a community to celebrate this remarkable state, its people, and the talented artisans who call it home. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to you for joining us on this journey.

We're committed to honoring Vermont and its residents as we embark on this adventure together. Please stay connected – we value hearing from our customers. And always remember, #itsbetterupnorth and #staywild.

Warm regards,

Chris Allen and Mindy Parisi
Vermont Outfitters Co.